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We Stand by Our Work

Andrea und Bruno
Andrea was the company founder, Bruno his third child and long-time winemaker at Pasini San Giovanni. While they are no longer with us, their spirit lives on, and we are grateful for the pleasure of having known them.


Born in 1937, Beppe is the eldest child of founder Andrea and a tireless worker. He has been the backbone of company logistics for years. He still likes to "put in an appearance" (you know, say from 7 am to 7 pm) because "at a winery there's always something to do!"


Born in 1939, Diego is Andrea's second child. He immediately became the public face of the company, a role he would continue to play for years to come. Together with his brother Bruno, Diego is also the soul of the company. Now more than ever, he is the "wise elder" of Pasini San Giovanni (but never say it to his face as he is still a kid at heart).

Bruno's son Luca has a commanding presence and a sharp mind. He is the first winegrower at Pasini San Giovanni with a specialised degree in the field. He focuses on quality, experimentation, and efficiency. Needless to say, he gave up his "happy hours" a long time ago...


Luca's sister Sara is better known as the Duchess of Chiaretto. Nothing escapes her keen eye. (And if something does get overlooked, you can be sure it wasn’t by her!) She is just the right balance of sweet and sharp, just like her favourite wine, Valtènesi Chiaretto.


Beppe's daughter Laura is the first member of the third generation. A fiery redhead with a strong maternal instinct, she is a real peacekeeper with quiet strength, the glue that holds everything together.

Diego's son Paolo is the "front man" of Pasini San Giovanni. "He's always there, even when he's not." Or is it, "he's is never there, even when he is...?" Well, try getting an appointment and you'll see...


The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Riccardo, who has been working with the Pasini family since he was14; today he is almost 50! A round of applause for Riccardo! Whether in the winery, vineyard, or organising deliveries and shipment, Riccardo is our indispensable Jack of all trades!


Born in Croatia but a naturalised Italian for years, Zeljko's main loves are Valentino Rossi, FC Milan, and olive growing. No one quite knows how he ended up at a winery run by a bunch of Juventus fans with hardly an olive tree in sight, but his close connection with the Pasini clan is undeniable.

The young elegant woman in administration, Gigliola is the latest addition to the company, and yet she seems to have been with us forever. A recent happy occurance.


Bruno and Andrea... So many years later
No, this is not some surreal typo. Luca's two sons Bruno and Andrea are still too young to be thinking about their future careers but...their names speak for themselves, nomen est omen!


Piero, Nico, Andrea, Roby, Manuel and Fausto
Agronomy, oenology, smart agriculture, customer service, the history of our wine: the entire team at Pasini San Giovanni is outstanding, but these six men deserve a special mention.