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The Territory


The western hills overlooking Lake Garda are the heart of the Valtènesi area, a land cultivated since prehistoric times and the only region in Italy to have preserved the Groppello vine for the past five hundred years - a rare red grape that has here found its ideal habitat. The loose and permeable soils of glacial origin, the proximity of the enormous lake at the foot of the Alps, with a very particular microclimate, and the advantageous exposure of the hills to the morning sun, make Valtènesi a unique place, giving rise to elegant, refined, fragrant and harmonious wines marked by both suppleness and strength of character, by both warmth and lightness.

The most northern area of Italy, where vines and olive trees mingle with cedars, capers, palms and lemon trees, creating a sort of Mediterranean "enclave" in the middle of the Alpine range, reflects its balance and integrity in the Valtènesi Chiaretto and Valtènesi wines, the former rosé and the latter red, embodying the oenological vocation of the area.


This ancient land, boasting a rich historical and architectural heritage, has hosted the native Turbiana white grape in its clay soil ever since the first centuries A.D., giving life to the Lugana white wine. The strength of the clay soil and the unique microclimate generated by the proximity of the lake at the foot of the Alps, combine with the purity of the native vine to give Lugana white wine a rare balance of freshness, flavour and depth.

Accessible when youth, Lugana is far more austere, with marked mineral notes when tasted after prolonged aging. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to conceal its complex character, through a balanced harmony of softness, strength and acidity.