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Vines and Vineyards


Our vineyards are situated in San Benedetto di Lugana, in the town of Peschiera del Garda, in Località Broglie and Località Busocaldo. They consist of just under ten hectares of clay soil, in which we exclusively harvest the native Turbiana white grape.

Daughter of an ancient clayey land, the native Trebbiano di Lugana white grape is locally known as Turbiana. Genetically similar to the Verdicchio, it is related to the great family of Trebbiano grapes, and is perfectly suited to the clay soil that hosts it and the particular microclimate of Lake Garda. The clusters of this late-ripening grape are of an average size, and the vine productivity is fairly limited. Furthermore, the plant is resistant to pests. Thanks to its acid content, it produces a wine of great vitality and longevity, brimming with nuances and personality.


Our vineyards, situated in the proximity of the San Giovanni farmhouse and the winery, in Raffa di Puegnago, consist of about 15 hectares of loose and permeable land, rich in coarse soil of glacial origin. The Cap del Priù and the Villa Romana vineyard were among the first crus, dating back to the mid-seventies and consisting primarily of Groppello and Marzemino grapes. A further 12 hectares are situated just a few kilometres to the south, in Picedo di Polpenazze, planted in the early nineties with the best Groppello clones in the Arzane cru, along with other local varieties and two hectares of Riesling.

Valtènesi is a special land, echoing ancient glaciers and a Mediterranean-style exposure, even at such extreme latitudes, and the Groppello grape is its undisputed agronomic heir. It was this very grape that attracted Andrea Pasini, the first of the Pasinis to approach the world of wine back in 1958, to winemaking, drawn by the sense of a challenging adventure. Today, after more than fifty years, we are more convinced than ever that the native grape of Valtènesi is the most rare and precious element of our vine-growing experience. A vine so noble and yet so fragile should be cultivated with respect and dedication, selecting the best clusters in each vine and devoting much research to preserving the unique balance of its native land.

Groppello grapes have a thin, firm skin and a juicy pulp. We at San Giovanni Pasini have considered it the beating heart of the Chiaretto, its most natural expression, since the sixties, later employing it to provide elegant support to our best red wines - now entitled to the name of Valtènesi - and lately even using it as the backbone of the Centopercento Metodo Classico sparkling wine. We are aware that there is still much to learn about this grape, but it is the very region of Valtènesi that is teaching us the way to pay proper tribute to this king of kings.